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A recipe from my wife


Veal stew with Nogentaise pale gold beer



   Ingredients for 4 people

800g of blanquette of veal (no bones)

1 soup spoon of sugar

2 oranges

1 leek

1 carrot

1 shallot

25 cl of Nogentaise pale gold beer

10 cl of orange juice

25 cl of water

Thyme and laurel

1 knob of butter

Salt and pepper


Time required: 80 minutes


Cut the veal into pieces and roll in flour.

Brown the meat in a pan.

Finely chop the leek, carrot, shallot and 1 orange.

Toss with the butter and add the sugar to caramelize.

Add the meat and cover with the 25cl of beer and water.

Add the orange juice, 1 sprig of thyme and 2 laurel leaves.

Cover and let simmer for 1 hour. Check seasoning for taste.

Serve with whole sauted potatoes.




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